Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Young Embroiderer's

10 young people attended a fun-packed afternoon making felt hearts with their initial on to hang on the back of their chair on Christmas day. Dee Newson had made up very attractive packs for them to work from. Despite all the merry chatter they learnt button hole stitch, back stitch, how to sew a button on - and when it came to the stuffing there was lots of laughter.All went home with a completed heart! Not a bad days work. Well done Dee.
It was a lovely meeting and an enjoyable way to spend two hours.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Felt Jewellery - Val Coleshaw

A lively workshop making felt beaded jewellery, was held on Saturday 3oth October by Val Coleshaw.Val inspired all to be creative, and wonderful results were produced by all at the end of this fun filled workshop.

Hi Liz,
I wrote a card to you this afternoon but have yet to post it so THANK YOU and of course Andy for your excellent hospitality. I felt very comfortable with you both.I think you have a great Branch and have already discussed it with my Chair. I too have photos that I will forward later this week. The flight home was a bit hairy. The pilot and co pilot were both foreign and as we travelled into the clouds and they dimmed the lights, the winds buffeted us and there was some lightening. I started to imagine that I had been abducted by aliens. another travel story!!! I am home now , curtains drawn, cat close by. Just get interrupted by the kiddies on trick or treat times. Good job I remembered to buy a bag of sweeties. There are a few minor typos on your welcome sheet, will mention it in a day or two. I had 58 e mails awaiting me and still have some to respond to so I must dash. So after a “messy” start I thought my trip over to you was a really pleasant experience and I'd love to come again.
Send my thanks and best wishes to your branch,

Friday, November 4, 2011

Katie Chaplin - Japan Crafts

Katie gave us a fascinating demonstration and talk on the Kimono, bringing with her a body to dress as she spoke. We had little idea how complicated is for a Japanese woman to put this garment on! The following day she was very well organised with kits and transfers to use to complete a piece of Shashiko embroidery.During the afternoon we had a hilarious time chasing our Temari Balls around the floor and under the tables.All in all a very successful and enjoyable day.

The Royal Manx

This was a great success with much interest taken in the Roses of the Heart project. Marie and Dee were kept busy talking about the beautiful bonnets. Suzanne, Isobel and Sheila had their work cut out explaining the techniques on the embroidered squares. Membership forms were taken by both past members and the public so we are looking forward o welcoming some new people at our next meeting.