Monday, July 18, 2011

Queenie Festival July 1st & 2nd

The Queenie Festival was blessed this year with fantastic weather which made the crowds appear. Our stand looked magnificent. Thanks to all who contributed their work. It gave the members who helped a great deal talk about with pride.We were quite hoarse by the end of the two days. It was really good to see such beautiful work and diversity of techniques put together. We had a a tremendous amount of interest taken and are hoping to have attracted a few new members.

Jean O'Neil's Memorial Day

Just wanted to let you know that yesterday we all had a wonderful day celebrating the life of Janet's sister, Jean, who was a member with us and who sadly passed away a year ago.

Janet organised a very happy remembrance day for Jean - we all sewed hearts of various sizes and styles, as well as sampling some wonderful cakes!! I don't mean just a few cakes, I mean loads of cakes!!! We had such a tremendousl variety and beautifully displayed that it really was a very enjoyable feast.

Thanks to Janet for organising everything and thanks to Sheila (Dove) who did a tremendous job in keeping tea and coffee on the go - and it was 'real' coffee, not instant!! Thanks also to all who made cakes and helped during the day and thanks to everyone who attended.

Money raised through raffle and donations for goods sold will be donated to Hospice. We will confirm the amount raised at the next branch meeting.

Yesterday brought us all together to sit, sew, chat and sample wonderful cakes and coffee that we it may be something we could do again in the future.

Thanks again to all concerned.